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DECTRIS Ltd. Dr. Christian Brönnimann (Founder and CEO) visited Beijing Tai Kun


The morning of April 10, 2019,Swiss DECTRIS Ltd. Dr. Christian Brönnimann  (Founder and CEO) and Dr. Thomas Thüring (Product manager) visited Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.Both sides agreed that they hope to further strengthen communication and exchanges in all aspects on the basis of mutually beneficial development and win-win cooperation in the future.Dectris will do its best to cooperate with Taikun to help China's research and industrial customers develop high-performance analytical testing equipment. On the afternoon of April 10, the two sides visited important customers in Beijing and discussed practical problems encountered in customer R&D.Finally, Taikun expressed its heartfelt thanks to Dr.Christian Brönnimann and Thomas Thüring for their visit. We hope that dectris and Taikun will continue to work together in the future to promote in-depth and lasting development of bilateral cooperation.

About Dectris

DECTRIS is focused on developing and producing high-quality, high-performance hybrid photon counting (HPC) X-ray detectors. They are the global leader in HPC X-ray detectors for science and industry, and develop their technology to advance new markets such as medical, electron microscopy, and X-ray inspection.DECTRIS provides reliable, easy-to-integrate detectors that enable customers to focus on their unique competitive advantages. With their comprehensive technological knowledge and industrial-scale manufacturing, customers enjoy consistent product quality and on-time delivery. Their noise-free, spectral, and fast detectors provide better data that keeps customers ahead of the competition.They have achieved a leap forward in performance and precision for medical X-ray systems. With dual-energy and spectral imaging, DECTRIS is the only X-ray detector supplier that offers researchers high-quality color images with the greatest geometrical accuracy, sensitivity, and spectral fidelity.


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