Nuclear Instruments
Section One .Laboratory Radiation Measuring Instruments Section Two.Portable Style Radiation Detection Instrument Section Three.Radioactive contamination monitor Section Four.Radioactive waste measurements Section Five.Underwater Radioactivity Measuring Device Section Six.Area Radiation Measurement Section Seven.Tritium Air Monitors
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Section One .Laboratory Radiation Measuring  Instruments

1.TK-101  High-Purity Germanium Measurement System

2.TK-102  Anti-Compton High Purity Germanium Gamma Spectrometer

3.TK-103  Anti - Cosmic Ray High Purity Germanium Gamma Spectrometer

4.TK-104  Automatic Sample Changing High Purity Germanium Measurement Device

5.TK-105  Lab LaBr3 Measurement System

SectionTwoPortable Style Radiation Detection  Instrument 43

1.TK-201  Portable LaBr3 Gamma Spectrometer

2.TK-202  Portable NaI Gamma Energy Spectrometer

3.TK-203  Radioisotope Identification Device

4.TK-204  Portable Liquid Nitrogen Refrigeration HPGe Gamma Spectrometer

5.TK-205  Gamma Spectrometer

6.TK-206  CsI Gamma Personal Dosimeter

7.TK-207  Personal Neutron Dosimeter

8.TK-208  Neutron-Gamma Personal Dosimeter

9.TK-209  Mini X, γ Radiation Personal Dosimeter

10.TK-210  Semi-Conductor Detector Personal Dosimeter

11.TK-211  Portable Surface Contamination Detector

12.TK-212  Contamination Monitor

13.TK-213  Portable Multipurpose Dose Rate Monitor

14.TK-214  Environmental Level X & γ Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter

15.TK-215  X & γ Dose Rate Telescope Meter

16.TK-216  Personal X & γ Dosimeter

17.TK-217  Nutron Survey Meter

18.TK-218  Gamma Survey Meter

19.TK-219  Neutron Survey Meter

20.TK-220  Neutron Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter

SectionThree.Radioactive contamination monitor. 90

1.TK-301  Whole-body γ Pollution Portal Speedy Monitoring System

2.TK-302  Whole Body γ Contamination Monitor

3.TK-303  Whole Body α β Contamination Monitor

4.TK-304  NaI Detector Stand-Up Whole-Body Counter

5.TK-305  Hand & Foot Contamination Monitors with Frisking Probe

6.TK-306  Articles γ Contamination Monitor

Section Four.Radioactive waste measurements 103

1.TK-401  Barreled Radioactive Waste Measurement System

2.TK-402  In-Situ High-Purity Germanium Gamma Spectrometer Measurement System

Section Five.Underwater Radioactivity Measuring Device. 108

1.TK-501  Underwater Gamma Spectrometer

2.TK-502  GammaSpect Stationary Monitoring System

Section Six.Area Radiation Measurement 115

1.TK-601  Area Gamma Alarm &Monitoring

2.TK-602  Criticality Detection System(Gamma)

3.TK-603  Criticality Detection System(Neutron)

4.TK-604  Base Station Type Unattended Gamma Ray Monitoring Station

5.TK-605  Reactor primary circuit water radioactive activity on line measurement& Fuel element failure online and real time measurement system

Section Seven.Tritium Air Monitors 129

1.TK-701  Tritium Monitor


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