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Dr. David Murer visited major scientific and industrial customers in China


June 24, to July 5, 2018,Dr. David Murer, the product manager of Switzerland DECTRIS Ltd.visited major scientific and industrial customers in China accompanied by Beijing taikun industrial equipment co., LTD., 

Dr. David Murer came here to bring a prototype of the Dectris's latest product, and conducted field tests for some customers. Its excellent performance such as high count rate, non-dark current and low noise has been widely recognized and praised by Chinese customers.

The following are the main product series of DECTRIS, Switzerland: SANTIS_0804, EIGER R, EIGER X, EIGER2 R, MYTHEN2 R, MYTHEN2 X, PILATUS3 R CdTe, PILATUS3 X and PILATUS3 X CdTe.

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