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Beijing Tai Kun officially became the authorized dealer of DECTRIS

On May 8, 2017, DECTRIS of Switzerland authorized Beijing taikun industrial equipment co., ltd. as the official distributor in China.

DECTRIS is focused on developing and producing high-quality, high-performance hybrid photon counting (HPC) X-ray detectors. They are the global leader in HPC X-ray detectors for science and industry, and develop their technology to advance new markets such as medical, electron microscopy, and X-ray inspection.

Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. can provide customers with comprehensive technical support, including prototype test.Through the promotion of DECTRIS products in the past five years, our company has established extensive influence in the Chinese market, with full support from DECTRIS, We will promote faster X-ray detectors in the field of scientific research in China, the rapid development of manufacturing industry customers!

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