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Portable Multipurpose Dose Rate Monitor
Product details


.Product Introduction

TK-213 is a multi-functional radiation meter developed by Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. It is equipped with several intelligent probes for detecting αβγ n pollution of environment or staffs. Integrating these excellent probes, TK-213 can be applied in almost the whole radiation protection and measurement.

. Main Features

l   Intelligent probes with measuring and date saving functions

l  Main unit: 2.8" TFT panel. Automatically identification of different probes

l  High sensitivity scintillator, PIPS α/β, wide-range GM tube detector

l  4 m adjustable measuring bar expands the range of measurement.


l   Personal radiation protection, surface contamination and dose rate measurement.

l  Neutron and gamma can be measured simultaneously at complex radiation area.

l   Search the hidden radioactive sources.

l   Long distance detecting with measuring bar

.Main Unit


l  2.8 inch TFT panel

l  Internal energy compensation GM tube

l  Dose rate range: 100nSv/h100mSv/h (can expand to 10Sv/h)

l  Weight: 300g


Ⅴ.αβ/γ Detector


l  Large laminate scintillator detector, 100cm2

l  Activity Response: α: ≥ 12s-1Bq-1cm2@241Am

                Β: ≥ 20s-1Bq-1cm2@204Ti

l  Background: α<0.1s-1, β<10s-1

Ⅵ.High-sensitivity γ Detector



l  2"×2" NaI scintillator detector

l  Energy range: 30Kev3Mev

l  Measurement range: 10nSv/ 100μSv/h

l  Sensitivity: 1500cps/(μSv/h)


Ⅶ.Environmental level X &γ dose rate meter


l  76mm*76mm composite scintillator detector

l  Energy range: 20keV7MeV

l  Dose rate range: 1nSv/h100μSv/h

l  Sensitivity: >2000cps/μSv/h137Cs


Ⅷ.Neutron Detector




l  6LiI(Eu) Crystal material

l  Energy range: thermal neutron–16 MeV

Ⅸ.Wide-range γ Detector




l  Double GM tube detector

l  Energy range: 65Kev3Mev

l  Dose rate range: 0.01μSv/h10Sv/h

Ⅹ.Telescope Pole



l   Adjustable length, 1.2m to 4m

l   Can be configured with α,β/γ surface

l  contamination detector

l  Weight: less than 1.5kg


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