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Whole-body γ Pollution Portal Speedy Monitoring System
Product details



.Product Introduction

TK-301 whole-body γ pollution speedy monitoring system, is an equipment which is used on the entrances of nuclear power plants or related nuclear facilities. People can pass through the monitor at the normal speed without pause. In this regard, it can satisfy the requirement of people rush hours.

.Main Features

l  Complementary and even layout of detectors, no blind measurement area

l  Modular design of detector, can expand the neutron detector

l  Design of dual cameras and double place holders, realize the bidirectional passing

l  The background updates dynamically, measurement value is net counting rate or radioactivity

l  8 inches video type industrial touch screen, display equipment's status

l  Whether alarming, fault or abnormal background, it would all send out audible & visible hint

l  Can use the handheld device to debug and monitor the monitor within a certain distance

l  The software can automatically complete the regular calibration and save the calibration results

l  Can be connected to the computers of monitoring center and security duty room , to realize remote monitoring

l  All stainless steel shell and IP66 waterproof design


.Technical Specifications




16 plastic scintillator detectors

Energy Range

50KeV~3 MeV

Thickness of Lead Shielding


Detector area


Detection area


Pedestrian efficiency



About 1200Kg


l  Entry and exit of nuclear power plant

l  Entry and exit of nuclear facilities

l  Nuclear medicine, nuclear research, etc

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