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Semi-Conductor Detector Personal Dosimeter
Product details


Fig. 1 TK-210 gamma personal dosimeter      Fig. 2 TK-210 energy data readout system


. Product Introduction

The personal dosimeter is used to monitor the individual cumulative dose equivalent Hp (10) and the individual dose equivalent rate Hp (10) caused by X-ray and gamma radiation. Dose Equivalent, Dose Equivalent Rate and Accumulated Operating Time values can be read from the LCD display by key. In case of the accumulated dose and dose rate out of the limits, a sound and light alarm as well as an LCD indication will be issued. Measurement data are stored immediately without any loss in case of power failure. Record data are transmitted to the reader through the infrared communication, and then to the computer (workstation) through RS485 interface. The dosimeter can be used separately as well as can be used with the combination of a reader and a computer management system network.

.Main Features

l  Wide range, low power consumption, and overload resistance

l  Real-time data storage without any loss in case of power failure

l  Cumulative dose, dose rate and working time displays are switchable;

l  A sound and light alarm and LCD indication for out of limits; alarm thresholds are continuously adjustable;

l  The infrared data communication and the system software are provided to facilitate the standardization of dose data management.

l  The careful design guarantees the safety and reliability of the measurement.

. Technical Specifications


Semiconductor Detector

Measuring range

Cumulative dose: 0.01 μSv~10Sv; dose rate: 0.1 μSv / h~1Sv / h

LCD  display

Accumulated dose: 0.00 μSv~9999mSv; dose rate: 0.01 μSS / h~1999mSv /   h; working hours: 0~99 hours and 59 minutes

Alarm value

Cumulative dose: 1μSv~10Sv continuously adjustable; dose rate: 1μSv /   h~1Sv / h continuously adjustable

Dosage increment: 1μSv~999μSv continuously adjustable

Timeout alarm: 1 minute~99 hours and 59 minutes continuously   adjustable


With sound, light and LCD indications, an alarm will be issued for the   cumulative dose and dose rate out of the limits, under-voltage of batteries,   working hours out of the limits, failure of the detector, and cumulative dose   increment indication.

The sound intensity of the alarm is greater than 80dB at 30cm   distancing from the dosimeter.

Energy response


Dose rate response

<±20%    (1mSv/h~10mSv/h)  <±15%  (10mSv/h~1Sv/h)

Overload characteristics

Greater than 20Sv / h

Power supply

One AA-type 3.6V lithium battery is used, with the battery life of > 2000 hours. The machine can work normally more than 8h when an undervoltage   symbol is displayed.

Temperature characteristics

<±15%,  -10~+40

Humidity characteristics

<±10%,  40%~90%RH(35)




90 × 62 × 25 (not including the clip thickness)

. Applications

l  For measurement of radiation dose and alarm for nuclear practitioner.



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