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Contamination Monitor
Product details


 . Product Introduction

TK-212 is a portable and rugged surface contamination detector with thin plastic scintillator coated with ZnS. With the advantages of high sensitivity, lightweight, ease of use, it has been widely used in law enforcement, emergency response, nuclear plants, customs, border patrol, etc

. Main Features

 State-of-the art plastic scintillator detector without filling gas

l  Large detection area up to 170cm2

l   Detect alpha and beta radiation simultaneously or separately, without external probes

l   Alarm threshold adjustable continuously

l  26 nuclides in the freely programmable library, background deducted automatically

l  Large LCD with backlight

l  User-friendly interface, 4 keys operation by one hand

l  Light weight, measuring settings protected by password

. Technical Specifications




Plastic   scintillator coated with ZnS, GM tube is optional to expand the gamma   detection range

Area of the   Detection

170 cm2


Visible and   audible alarms

Displaying   Units

CPS, Bq or   Bq/cm2

Nuclide   Library

26 nuclides,   user-specific nuclides can be added

Background   Deduct

Background   deduct or not can be chose, background measuring time can be set


α: <0.1   CPS;  β: <15 CPS


Large size LCD   display, 144×64 pixels with backlight

Data Storage

Save more than   1000 groups of data



Power Supply

2 AA batteries   or NiMH rechargeable battery, continuously work for at least 35h


870g ( include   battery)

Typical   efficiency( 2π )

90Sr/90Y35%241Am α40%


l  Environmental protection     Public security                    Military

l  Customs and ports           Emergency Response      Nuclear power plant

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