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NaI Detector Stand-Up Whole-Body Counter
Product details


. Product Introduction

TK-304 is a stand-up whole-body counter, using two 10 × 10 × 40cm large NaI crystals as a detector to scan the entire body. TK-304 adopts hexagonal shadow shielding design on the structure, which ensures the ultra-low background environment and facilitate the rapid access of personnel, as shown in Figure 1. TK-304 can give a comparison of the body scanning count rate and the background count rate, and also give the radioactive activity measurement results using the built-in efficiency calibration factor for the Chinese standard body model in this instrument. TK-304 uses the modular design, easy to installation and commissioning. Table 1 gives the detection limits in the case of a measurement of 60 seconds.

Compared with the current main international NaI whole-body counter, TK-304 has the most distinctive feature in nuclide identification, which adopts the particle arrival time series analysis and fuzzy clustering method in addition to the energy spectrum analysis technology. With these technologies, the radionuclides recognition sensitivity of TK-304 is far better than that of like products, with very a low misidentification rate, providing a strong support for the staff health protection.

. Main Features

l  By using the sourceless efficiency calibration software based on the standard Chinese body model, it is able to carry out accurate measurement without the expensive human body model, which makes the body counter easy to understand and use practically;

l  A unique nuclide recognition algorithm is used, with high sensitivity and very low false alarm rate;

l    Highly automatic measurement, and automatic generation of reports;

l    Integration of measurement and internal irradiation assessment;

l    The measurement procedure conforms to the relevant IAEA standards.

.Technical Specifications

Table 1 60s detection limits of typical nuclides


Standard body (Bq)

Air (Bq)











l  Detectors: two 10 × 10 × 40cm NaI crystals;

l  Energy resolution: <9%;

l  Multi-channel: 1024 channels;

l  Area: 4 square meters;

l  Weight: 4.8 tons;

l  Power: less than 200 watts;

l  Detection limit: see Table 1;

l  Operating temperature: -10 to 40;

l  Operating Humidity: <92%.


l  The system is mainly used in internal irradiation inspection for radioactive practitioners in nuclear power plants, nuclear materials production, reprocessing facilities and other fields, and is used as a nuclear emergency equipment in the disease prevention and control center. 

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