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Articles γ Contamination Monitor
Product details


.Product Introduction

TK-306 Article γ Contamination Monitor is used to monitor the radioactive contaminated condition of tools, laptop, calculator, etc. in the control area of nuclear power plant and other nuclear facilities. Its separate detection unit adopts same size plastic sincitillator matched with high performance photomultiplier.  It is shielded with thick lead to reduce the interference of natural background. It can quick detect and indicate the contaminated area. When the detected radioactivity is passing the set threshold, it would send out warning signal to avoid the second contamination.

.Main Features

l  Automatic background measurement and update

l  Sound & light warning, voice prompt, continuous adjustable warning threshold

l  Colorful LCD touch screen, with short-cut keys operation

l  Industrial computer control, embedded Windows XP operating system

l  LED status displayNormal, Measurement, Pollution, Fault

l  Measured value displays: CPS, Bq

l  Display the contaminated positions

.Technical Specifications



Detected Ray



Plastic   scintillator detector4 or 6

Energy Range


Detector Size

300×300×50 mm

Chamber Size


Detect Items

Tool, laptop,   calculator, etc.

Detect Limit


Thickness of   Lead Shielding


Working   Conditions

Temp. : -1045 Humid. : 95% (non-condensing)


About 670kg

. Applications

l  Entrance and exit of nuclear power plant

l  Entrance and exit of nuclear facilities 

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