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Portable LaBr3 Gamma Spectrometer
Product details

. Product Introduction

The TK-201 portable LaBr3 gamma spectrometer has nuclide recognition, dose rate measurement and activity measurement functions. G-M detector is optional, with the measurable dose rate up to 5Sv / h; lithium glass is optional, able to measure neutrons.

Figure 1 shows the appearance of TK-201. TK-201 consists of Labr3 crystal, photomultiplier tube, multi-channel electronic system, high voltage module, smart phone display terminal, battery, data acquisition and analysis software and sourceless efficiency calibration software. The multi-channel, high-voltage module and voltage division circuit are shown in Fig. 2 and are integrated in the metal drum shown in Fig. 1.

In the nuclide recognition, TK-201 uses the fuzzy clustering technology and energy spectrum analysis method, making its radionuclide recognition sensitivity far higher than that of the international similar products, with the false alarm rate also lower than that of the international similar products. Figure 3 shows the interface of TK-201 for natural nuclides identification under natural background. Before the characteristic peaks clearly appear, 137Cs and other artificial radionuclides can be identified. When the contribution of artificial radionuclide to the dose rate exceeds 10% of the environmental dose rate, the artificial radionuclide can be correctly identified within 5 seconds. When the contribution of artificial radionuclide to the dose rate exceeds 5% of the environmental dose rate, the artificial radionuclide can be correctly identified within 20 seconds. Its nuclide recognition speed is faster than that of the international similar products. When the spectrometer is placed directly in the air, its identification sensitivity to 137Cs in the air is 1.2 Bq / m3.

TK-201 uses 38KeV and 1468KeV characteristic peaks of La isotopes for detector energy calibration, without the need of adding artificial radionuclides or LEDs for energy calibration. Furthermore, in the long-term measurement process, two characteristic rays are used for spectrum stabilization. Figure 4 shows TK-201 energy calibration interface.

When TK-201 detects 238U and 235U, the activity ratios of 238U and 235U are given, with the error of generally not more than 100%.

TK-201 has an optional sourceless efficiency calibration software special for scintillation detector, developed by Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. to achieve on-site radioactive activity measurement. The software interface is shown in Figure 5.

The TK-201 detector is connected to the hoist via Bluetooth, and they can be detached for remote measurements. The host uses a touch screen display that greatly simplifies instrument operation.



Fig. 3 TK-201 nuclide recognition interface


Fig. 4 Energy calibration using the natural radionuclide in the air


Fig. 5 TK-105-B sourceless efficiency calibration software interface

. Main Features

TK-201 has functions of gamma radionuclide recognition, dose and dose rate measurement, activity measurement and so on.

l  TK-201 uses time sequence analysis technology, fuzzy clustering technology and energy spectrum analysis technology, making its radionuclide recognition sensitivity higher than that of the international similar products. The system is equipped with a characterized TK-105-B scintillation detector sourceless efficiency calibration software that enables users to quickly measure radioactivity in situ when artificial radionuclides detected.

l  TK-201 uses the self-generated background for automatic energy calibration and peak stabilization, without additional radioactive sources.

l  Software and hardware are combined together for spectrum stabilization, so the drift of energy spectrum is controlled in real time, and the accuracy of long-term measurement can be reliably guaranteed.

l  The contribution of the artificial radionuclide to the dose rate is given in real time.

l  The detector is connected to the host via Bluetooth, and they can be detached for remote measurement.

l  5.5-inch large touch screen smart phone is used as a display, with full Chinese / English interface, having stylish and simple software interface, breaking the problems of complex operation of the traditional LCD display.

. Technical Specifications

l  Crystal: 2-inch LaBr3 crystal (optional 1.5 inch or 3 inch LaBr3 crystal); with additional lithium glass used to measure neutron;

l  Energy range: γ-ray: 30keV ~ 3MeV;

l  Dose rate range: 10nGy / h ~ 0.1mGy / h; with an additional G-M calculation tube, the upper limit of measured dose rate can reach up to 5Sv / h; 

l  Nuclide library and identifiable nuclide species: The latest nuclide library from the ENSF (Evaluated nuclear structure data file) has spectral lines for more than 3,000 radioisotopes. In the Detective-1 report, the detected radionuclides are classified into industrial, medical, natural and special nuclear materials. The industrial category mainly includes 60Co, 133Ba, 137Cs 192Ir, 241Am, 75Se, and 152Eu. The medical categories mainly include 18F 67Ga 99mTc 111In 123I 131I 133Xe, and 201Tl.  Natural radionuclides mainly include 40K 226Ra 232Th, and 238U. Special nuclear materials include 235U 233U 237Np, 252Cf and so no.

l  Multi-channel analyzer: 4096 channels;

l  Energy linearity: better than ± 1%; 

l  Energy resolution: better than 3% (@ 661.66keV); 

l  Sensitivity: 3000cps / μSv / h; 

l  Communication: Bluetooth wireless communication, with the communication distance greater than 5 meters;

l  Alarm: sound alarm and vibration alarm

l  Calibration: changing with the temperature; natural nuclide automatic calibration spectrum stabilization;

l  Power supply: four standards 9V, 680 mAh rechargeable battery packs, with the capacity for the machine working for about 10h after charging.

l  Control: three-key keyboard is provided for single-finger operation;

l  Storage: at least 100,000 databases stored, with computer connection cables and supporting data communication software;

l  Controller display: intelligent display, with 5.5-inch large touch screen;

l  Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50 ;

l  Working humidity: 10 ~ 90%;

l  Dimensions: length x width x height: 313x163x227mm (not including the detector);

l  Weight: less than 2kg.


TK-201 can be used in the source searching, nuclear security at important sites, dose rate measurement, radionuclide identification, package radioactivity detection, nuclear emergency measurement and other fields. Combined with the sourceless efficiency calibration software produced by Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd., the rapid measurement of activity at site can be achieved. 

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