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Whole Body α β Contamination Monitor
Product details


.Product Introduction

TK-303 Whole Body α β Contamination Monitor is installed on  the radioactive sanitary outlets at nuclear power stations or related nuclear facilities to detect whether there is α β radioactivity on the body surface of passing work staff.  If the detected radioactivity is passing the set threshold, it would send out sound & light warning and display the contaminated position on LCD screen. It can find the contamination timely and prohibit its transfer

.Main Features

l   High performance thin sheet plastic scintillator with zinc sulfide detector

l  Unique nuclear electronics circuit, promoting this monitor’s performance

l  Reasonable detector arrangement can meet the requirement of whole body contamination monitoring

l  On the head position, it is equipped with a lift detector to meet the needs of different heights

l  Two-step measurement model

l  Rapid scanning and detection of radioactive contamination, accurate location of contaminated areas

l  Chinese or English interface and prompt tone is optional

l  The alarm threshold is continuously adjustable

l  Reserve the installation position of the personal dosimeter reading device

l  Can be connected with the monitoring center host to realize remote monitoring

l  Comply with IEC61098-2003standard



.Technical Specifications




21 imported   plastic scintillator detectors

Total Area of   Detector


Measure Height


Energy Range

α3~11MeV                        β50KeV~3MeV

Detection   Limit

α:<0.04Bq/cm2                                β:<0.2Bq/cm2        

Detection   Efficiency

α45% @241Am                     β37% @90Sr

Outer Power

220V AC50Hz


12.1 inches   colorful LCD touch screen


Ethernet, USB

Electromagnetic   Compatibility

Comply with CE   Standard

Working   Conditions


Outer Size


Inner Size



About 500Kg


l  Entrance and exit of nuclear power plant

l  Entrance and exit of nuclear facilities

l  Nuclear medicine, nuclear research, etc.


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