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Barreled Radioactive Waste Measurement System
Product details


. Product Introduction

TK-401 barreled radioactive waste measurement system is a non-destructive measuring device having independent intellectual property rights in China for measuring the type and content of nuclear material in nuclear waste, which is an ideal device to measure radioactive waste in nuclear power station and decommissioning nuclear facilities. In the measurement process of the system, the curve of changes in the macroscopic interface of matrix material of the measuring object with the different energy can be obtained through the transmission source axial segmental scanning, and the efficiency calibration curve of each segment can be calculated using a Monte Carlo method based on this, to achieve the measurement of activity by segment. The measurement of non-uniform γradioactive waste activity can be achieved. TK-401 consists of the following three sub-systems:

l  Mechanical device sub-system: including sample turntable, transmission source components and lifting devices of the detector combination, automatic weighing module, motor and automatic control device.

l  Data acquisition subsystem: including transmission source components (20mCi152Eu source), P-type wide-energy coaxial HPGe detector, GammaSpectrum-1 digital spectrometer, and electric cooling device.

l  Nuclide content analysis software: GammaNDA non-destructive nuclide content measurement software, Gamma-4 sourceless efficiency calibration software, and Gamma-4 energy spectrum acquisition and analysis software.

. Main Features

l  With completely independent intellectual property rights, the maintenance and repair services can be provided to user at any time, and other technical service in the measurement process can also be provided at any time;

l  Three methods are available to measure the content of nuclear material, including the segmented gamma scanning method (SGS), the sourceless efficiency calibration method and the segmented sourceless efficiency calibration method. If SGS can not work normally, the sourceless efficiency calibration method is used instead of SGS method, thereby increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF) of the system;

l  Monte-Carlo method is used to calculate the efficiency calibration factor accurately, which improves the accuracy of SGS measurement.

l  Waste barrel loading and unloading sockets can be customizable, to achieve seamless connection with the measurement site;

l  The entire shielding room is optional, to achieve measurement of a very low level of radioactivivty;

l  Software system is highly integrated, and the control and self-inspection of the mechanical system and the electronic system can be achieved on the main control computer simultaneously, as well as calibration, measurement, analysis, output and report generation;

l  Electronic equipment adopts high-reliable redundant design, to ensure high reliability of the system.

.Technical Specifications

l  Main measured nuclides: 60Co, 137Cs, 59Fe, 241Am, 235U, and 238U;

l  Lower detection limit: 4×103Bq/kg(60Co);

l  Upper detection limit: 1.2×107Bq/kg(60Co)

l  Energy range: 40keV ~ 10MeV (optional detector);

l  Nuclide content accuracy: better than 20%;

l  Waste bucket volume: 200L (less than 200L optional; 400L is customizable);

l  MTBF: 12000 hours;

l  MTTR: ≤ 8 hours.

. Applications

l  Used in the measurement of radioactive waste or material in nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants, military, nuclear fuel production enterprises and so on; other non-barreled radioactive waste measurement devices can be customized.


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