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Anti - Cosmic Ray High Purity Germanium Gamma Spectrometer
Product details

. Product Introduction

TK-103 anti-cosmic ray high purity germanium measurement system consists of HPGe main detector, inner shield, plastic scintillator shield anti-cosmic ray detector and external shielding room, anti-cosmic ray electron module, multi-channel analyzer, energy spectrum analysis Software, liquid nitrogen re-condensing refrigerator and other components; the main detector chamber is filled with nitrogen to further reduce the contribution of radon daughter to the background and cadmium sheet is used to reduce the contribution of thermal neutrons to the background. Figure 1 shows the comparison between measurement results made through the anti-cosmic ray spectrometer and the general low background spectrometer. Figure 2 shows the schematic diagram for the anti-cosmic ray spectrometer.

. Main Features

l  To reduce the background by anti-cosmic rays and absorbing thermal neutrons;

l  Automatic energy spectrum analysis, and super multiplet analysis ability, to automatically resolve 20 multiplet;

l  Sourceless efficiency calibration software based on CAD modeling allows users to measure radioactive sources of materials of arbitrary shape and arbitrary substrate.

l  Optional liquid nitrogen re-condensing refrigeration, without the renewal of liquid nitrogen and the measurement indicators are guaranteed;

l  Customizable user reports and software interfaces.

. Technical Specifications

l  Detector: P-type wide energy coaxial high purity germanium detector;

l  Relative detection efficiency: up to 175%;

l  Energy range: 10KeV to 20MeV;

l  Energy resolution: 2.1@1332KeV;

l  Peak-to-Compton ratio: > 90: 1;

l  Peak shape parameters: FW0.1M / FWHM <= 2.0;

l  Integral background: (50KeV-2MeV) <0.2cps;

l  Complete Chinese interface.


l  Mainly used in environmental gamma radioactive measurements, low background gamma radioactive measurements, scientific research and other fields. 

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