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GammaSpect Stationary Monitoring System
Product details

 .Product Introduction

GammaSpect is a flexible gamma spectroscopic system.It is designed to used for nuclide identification and gamma contamination monitoring in routine surveillance and emergency situation.It can calculate the ground contamination (Bq/m2),the activity concentration(Bq/m3 in the air or Bq/L in the water) and the dose rate .

 Ⅱ. Main Features


l  Nuclide identification

l  Dose and dose rate

l  3’×3’ NaI(Tl)

l  Adapted to air,soil or water application

l  Ethernet, 4G/LTE,WIFI

l  GPS module

l  Can be easily deployed in extreme climate

l  Central operation and data storage

l  16GB storage

l  Air monitoring ,soil monitoring,water monitoring

l  Solar supply for air monitoring and soil monitoring

 .Technical Specifications 

l  Detector3’×3’NaITI)

l  Dose rate range 10nSv/h 100μSv/hwith GM tube to10Sv/h

l  Energy resolution Cs137662KeV<7.5%

l  Energy range: 30KeV to 3MeV

l  MCA: 1024

l  Operation temperature: -40 - +60

l  Power: 2.5W(average)

l  Dimension enclosure:Φ200*700mm

l  Weight:15Kg

l  Protection class:IP68


l  TK-502 GammaSpect Stationary Monitoring System is  applied to water radioactivity monitoring form Water plant, environmental protection Department, fought of army , nuclear emergency.

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