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CsI Gamma Personal Dosimeter
Product details


Fig. 1 TK-206 neutron-gamma personal dosimeter

. Product Introduction

TK-206 is a gamma personal dosimeter using CsI crystal as the detection unit, as shown in Figure 1. Compared to the traditional electronic personal dosimeter, its sensitivity is higher more than 1,000 times. A special energy compensation design effectively guarantees the reliability of measurement results. A unique noise reduction circuit design is used, making the lower energy detection limit down to 20keV.

. Main Features

l  High-density scintillation crystal is used as a detector, with high sensitivity, to measure the environmental radiation level;

l  A unique noise reduction circuit design is used, making the lower limit of energy detection than that of the general personal dosimeter, with the lower limit up to 20keV;

l  Energy compensation design is used, providing high data reliability;

l  To support networking and GIS, and to achieve the intelligent and networking measurement of the staff dose and site radiation

. Technical Specifications

l   Detector: 3CC CsI crystal;

l  Photon collection unit: silicon photodiode;

l  Detection range of γ-ray energy: 20keV to 3meV; able to detect weapons-grade plutonium;

l  Alarm: sound, light and vibration alarms;

l  Sensitivity: not less than 600cps (1μSv / h) for 137Cs;

l  Dose rate: 0.01μSv / h to 0.1mSv / h;

l  Error range: ± 20%;

l  Protection level: IP65;

l  Response time: 0.25s;

l  Standby time: to continuously work for 300h;

l  Operating ambient temperature: -30 to 50;

l  Weight: 200 grams;

l  Communication: to support USB and Bluetooth communication;

l  Storage: 10000 data;

l  Ground drop test: 1.5 m height from the cement ground;

l  Power supply: built-in lithium batteries; wireless charging.

. Applications

l   Used by staff working in the gamma radiation field. 

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