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Criticality Detection System(Gamma)
Product details


. Product Introduction

The TK-602 gamma-ray criticality alarm instrument is an alarm device for gamma-ray criticality incident, which is developed by Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. The instrument adopts Geiger–Müller counters with energy compensation as the main detector. With two G-M tubes designed for the high and low range respectively, the instrument can cover both the high and low range, ensuring the accuracy of measured data to the greatest extent. The instrument has three detection probes, and only if more than two of the three probes reach the alarm state under the criticality alarm mode, the critical value is considered to be reached. It has higher detection confidence level than traditional two-probe design. The probes communicate over RS485 links, and the maximum transmission distance is up to 1.2km. The host computer is equipped with RS485 and RJ45 communication interface, able to conduct network measurement when combined with upper computer software of our company.

. Main Features

l  f the device, and each probe adopts dual G-M tubes, which has a wider measurement range. Under the criticality alarm state, the device uses a 2 out of 3 mode to determine the critical state value, which has a higher reliability.

l  The alarm setpoint is adjustable.

l  Users can choose real-time dose mode or accumulative dose mode, and can query the data in real time.

l  The host computer has sound and light alarm, and state indicator. Users can know about the operation state of the host computer and whether the environment dose has reached the critical point via corresponding indicators.

l  The host computer has the administrator mode, in order to help users to protect system operations which require higher privileges.

. Technical Specifications

l  Detectors: Geiger–Müller counter tubes with energy compensation;

l  Energy range: gamma ray: 30keV~3MeV;

l  Measurement range: 0.1 μSv/h10Sv/h, and can bear overloads of 10 times the upper measurement limit;

l  Inherent error: less than 10% (137Cs);

l  Alarm response time: less than 150ms;

l  Relative error: ±20%

l  Isotropic response time: (1) ±20%(0°~60°)

                                   (2) ±50% (>60°)

l  Preheating time: 5min

l  Alarm setpoint: 10μGy/h (can be set artificially)

l  MTBR: 15,000h;

l  MTTR: 0.5h;

l  Protection level: IP65;

l  Temperature range: -10°C 50°C.

. Applications

TK-602 can be used in area gamma radiation detection, dose rate measurement, gamma-ray criticality alarm and other fields. It is applicable for network measurement when combined with the upper computer software of Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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