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Radioactive Aerosol Detector
Product details

Ⅰ. Product Introduction
Abta-HD is designed for measuring the alpha、beta particulate activity and dose rate with an external gamma detector.The Abta-HD is capable of sampling from 30 L/min up to 140 L/min. Dual Φ30mm PIPS detectors,one for alpha、beta detecting and the other for gamma  compensation when beta measurement.
Ⅱ. Technical Specifications
Detector:2×PIPS detectors, one for alpha/beta filter measurement, one for gamma compensation,each Φ30mm.
External Gamma detector:GM tube with energey compensation,0.1μSv/h-10Sv/h
sampling flow rate:  30 L/min up to 140 L/min
MDL(95%)Bq/m3:    α<0.01Bq/m3

Ⅲ. Applications
It can be used for monitoring in air、duct and stack in the nuclear facility.

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