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Automatic Sample Changing High Purity Germanium Measurement Device
Product details

. Product Introduction

U-type high-purity germanium detector, pre-amplifier away from the probe, and 30L Dewar bottles

l  Lead shield device

l  Digital multi-channel spectrometer

l  The supporting software functions including spectral processing, nuclide identification and radioactivity calculation

l  Spectral analysis software and rich nuclei library

l  Souceless efficiency calibration software

l  Automatic sample changer with robot arm having a compact controller

l  Sample cabinets and safety cabinets

l  Barcode reader and barcode printer

l  Robot arm control software

l  Process management software and main controller

l  Liquid nitrogen sensor and display

l  3m cable

. Technical Specifications

1. Shielded high purity germanium detector



Lower limit of radioactivity detection for 137Cs within one   hour (Bq / kg)


Absolute sensitivity of detector with 30% detection efficiency (pulse   / quantum)


Sensitivity of the instrument background with the energy range from 40   keV to 3 MeV (pulse / keV x sec)


Uncertainty of measurement of Cs radioactivity in one hour (%)


2. Automatic sample changing device

l  Six-axis manipulator

l  Effective load: 3kg

l  Reach distance: 580mm

l  Accuracy: ± 0.01mm

l  Footprint: 180 mm squared

l  All machines and devices are closed

l  Compact controller

3. Geometric dimensions of sample container

l  Sample bottle 500ml

l  Sample bottle 250ml

l  Tooth tube: 60ml

l  Tooth tube: 30ml

Note: The data given above is only for sample size and is not an absolute size limit, and the system can be flexibly adjusted according to customer needs.

4. Barcode reading and printer

l  To ensure proper processing of all data during the measurement and analysis process, a barcode printer connecting to the workstation is used to mark a sample. With the barcode reader, data stored in the database is retrieved before the start of measurement process.

. Applications

Automatic sample changing system is used for measurement and analysis of radionuclide of various environmental samples, such as rocks, minerals, sludge, slag, soil, plants, air and sediment and particulates in water. The automatic sample changing spectrometer system determines the type and activity of radionuclides in the sample by means of gamma spectroscopy. The fully automated sample changer allows the user to measure up to 40 samples without having to operate the spectrometer personally. This reliable manipulator sample changer improves measurement efficiency and mitigates health risks to the operator.

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