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Environmental Level X & γ Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter
Product details


.Product Introduction

TK-214 is an environmental level X & γ Dose Equivalent (Rate) Meter, consists of high sensitivity composite scintillator detector and main unit. It can be used to distinguish natural occurring radioactive materials and artificial radioactive materials. With advantages of good energy response, radiation response, accurate measurement, it can make fast response to slight radiation increase.

. Main Features

l  Large area composite scintillator detector, wide energy response rang

l  High sensitivity, fast response to slight radiation

l  Built-in GM tube in main unit, expand measuring range

l  Adjustable dose and dose rate warning thresholds

l  Automatic shift between high range and low range

l  Large LCD with backlight

l  Waterproof wear-resistant aluminum shell, corrosion resistance, IP67

l  Regular configured with cables, data cable and PC software, convenient for customers to use

l  Tripod optional for fixed-point monitoring

.Technical Specifications




Large   composite scintillator GM tube(built-in main unit)

Size of   Detector


Energy Range

20KeV~7.0 MeV65KeV~3.0   MeV                        

Measuring   range

1nSv/h~100µSv/h   100nSv/h~100mSv/h                      



Relative Error



Rechargeable   Li battery, 120h for main unit, 16h for overall unit

IP Rating





30~50;    0~95%




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