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Base Station Type Unattended Gamma Ray Monitoring Station
Product details

. Product Introduction

The base station type unattended gamma ray monitoring station, used for stationary monitoring, can be quickly deployed in emergency areas. It can be powered by built-in batteries or solar panels, and communicate through LTE or radio.

. Main Features

l  Detects trace artificial nuclides quickly.

l  Online spectrum analysis.

l  Nuclide identification at the detector.

l  Supports international standard data protocol N42.42.

l  Needs no base platform to fix on.

l  Stable automatic operation under extreme environment.

l  Integrated design, easy for maintenance.

l  Supports very high protection level of IP68.

l  Movable, with telescopic and foldable brackets, easy for installation.

l  Wireless data telecommunication.

l  Optional GPS module.

. Technical Specifications

l  Detector type: NaI(TI) crystal;

l  Detector size: 3’×3’

l  Dose rate range: 10nSv/h – 400μSv/h (10nSv/h – 100mSv/h with an optional G-M tube)

l  Energy resolution: Cs137 (662KeV) <6.9%FWHM

l  Energy range: 30keV~3MeV;

l  Number of channels: 8192 channels (2048 channels used)

l  Detector operating temperature: -40 - +60

l  Power consumption: 2.5W (average)

l  Diameter: 80/120mm

l  Height: 1040mm

l  Weight of the stationary type: 25kg

. Applications

l  Monitoring of surrounding areas of nuclear power plants

l  Monitoring of laboratories

l  Emergency monitoring

l  Mobile monitoring network

l  Disease control monitoring

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