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In-Situ High-Purity Germanium Gamma Spectrometer Measurement System
Product details



Fig. 1 In-situ high purity germanium gamma spectrometer measurement system

. Product Introduction

l  Plane or coaxial high purity germanium detector is equipped with a pre-amplifier set in the portable refrigeration unit;

l  Multi-channel spectrometer;

l  Data analysis software package is provided, including hardware settings, energy spectrum acquisition and analysis, and sourcelesse efficiency calibration;

l  Lead shielded device with a collimator;

l  Trolleys and transport cases;

l  Laser range finder;

l  Accessories: liquid nitrogen filling funnel, power supply, etc.;

l  Cables and text descriptions;

l  A specially developed sourceless efficiency calibration software is used to calculate the detection efficiency of the measurement object with complex shape.

. Main Features

l  Optimal size and weight for portable Application

l   Placed on a trolley of a lead shield collimator;

l  With the liquid nitrogen filled, the detector can reach the cooling temperature in a very short time;

l  Simple operation and maintenance;

l  Laser measurement instructions;

l  In any direction within 360°;

.Technical Specifications



Energy range (keV): 

Standard type

Extended type




High purity germanium detector efficiency (%):

The typical value is 30; detectors with   other efficiency is optional

Energy resolution of 30% efficiency detector (keV)






Peak – to – Compton ratio


Refrigeration time (h)


Automatic running time (days)


Thickness of aluminum package (mm)


Weight of detector and Dewar bottle:


l  The front cable connector has a standard NIM interface: DC power supply ± 12V-D-Sub-9 pin

l  Detection efficiency of high-purity germanium detector: 10% -100%

l  Depending on the volume of Dewar bottle and the efficiency of detector.

. Applications

l  The in-situ high purity germanium gamma spectrometer measurement system can be used for measurements of radioactivity of gamma and X-ray, including radioactive substances in the environment, radioactive items in industrial and agricultural products, and enterprises engaging in the storage and disposal of nuclear waste.

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