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Lab LaBr3 Measurement System
Product details

. Product Introduction

TK-105 LaBr3 measurement system is a highly integrated, highly sensitive, high-resolution and high-precision laboratory spectrometer developed by Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. for radionuclide recognition and radioactivity measurement. The detector (including multi-channel electronics and high voltage modules) and measured energy spectra are shown in Figure 1.

The main configurations of the system include: LaBr3 detector, multi-channel spectrometer, high voltage module, photomultiplier tube, energy spectrum acquisition and analysis software, and sourceless efficiency calibration software and computer. Among them, LaBr3 probe, multi-channel spectrometer, and high-voltage module tube integration are as shown in Figure 2, and they and are integrated with photoelectric multiplier in the detector shown in Figure 1.

 TK-105 is equipped with the energy analysis software TK-105-A which is developed for scintillation detector by Beijing Tai Kun Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. The TK-105-A has a sensitive and reliable peak-searching capability, and the super-powerful multiplet analysis ability, as shown in Fig. 3. TK-105-A can resolve the 1435KeV multiplet of La and 1460.8KV multiplet of K-40. TK-105-A is equipped with the latest nuclei library from the Evaluated nuclear structure data file, with the spectral line series of more than 3,000 radioisotopes.

TK-105 is equipped with a powerful TK-105-B Sourceless Efficiency Calibration software that enables the measurement of Gamma radioactivity measurement of any materials of arbitrary shapes and of arbitrary substrate, greatly expanding the Application of the LaBr3 spectrometer. The software interface is shown in Figure 4.


. Main Features

l  Spectrum stabilization with software and hardware combined; energy spectrum drift is controlled in real time, and a long-term continuous measurement is available.

l  Sourceless efficiency calibration software uses CAD modeling

l  A powerful multiplet analysis ability

l  Complete Chinese interface

l  System failure can be repaired within 24 hours after receiving the product returned by users

l  Free radioactivity measurement consultation

. Technical Specifications

l  Crystal size: 2 inches (3 inch or 1.5 inch crystal optional)

l  Energy resolution: 2.4% (for the 661.7KeV characteristic peak of Cs-137)

l  Energy range: 30KeV to 3MeV

l  Energy linearity: better than ± 1%;

l  Multi-channel: 4096 channels (16384-channel high-performance multi-channel optional)

l  Radioactivity measurement accuracy: generally less than 10%

l  Weight: less than 2Kg

l  Temperature range: -10 ~ 40

l  Power supply: USB 5V power supply

. Applications

l  For Gamma radioactivity measurement in laboratory, and on-site rapid nuclide identification and radioactivity measurement.

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