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TKPD-801 Mini X-ray Desktop diffractometer
Product details
Product Description

Designed for industrial production and quality control, the advanced technology of concentrated X-ray diffractometer production, functionalization and miniaturization of desktop X-ray diffractometer. Qualitative, quantitative and crystal structure analysis of metal and non-metal samples can be carried out accurately. Especially suitable for catalyst, titanium dioxide, cement, pharmaceutical and other products manufacturing industry.

Product Name
TKPD-801 desktop diffractometer
Running power
600W(40kV,15mA) or 1200W(40kV,30mA),稳定度:0.005%
X-ray tube
Cermet X-ray tube, Cu target, power 2.4KW, focal size: 1 *10mm, air-cooled or water-cooled (water flow greater than 2.5L/min)
The horizontal structure of the sample is theta s-theta d, and the radius of the diffraction circle is 150 mm.
Measurement method
Continuous, step-by-step,Omg
Angle measurement range
θs/θd -3"-150"( linkage)
Minimum step
Angular reproducibility
Angular positioning speed
Spectral resolution
Closed proportional counter or high-speed one-dimensional semiconductor counter
Linear counting rate
≥5×105CPS(Proportional counter),≥9×107CPS( one-dimensional semiconductor counter)
Dell business laptop
Instrument Control Software
Windows 7 operating system, automatic control of X-ray generator tube voltage, tube current, shutter and ray tube aging training; control goniometer continuous or step-by-step scanning, while diffraction data acquisition; conventional processing of diffraction data: automatic peak-seeking, manual bee-seeking, integral intensity, peak height, center of gravity, background deduction, smoothing, peak enlargement, spectral contrast, etc.
Data Processing Software
Phase Qualitative Analysis, Setting Analysis, Kalpha 1, Alpha 2 Peeling, Full Spectrum Fitting, Peak Selection Fitting, Semi-high Width and Grain Size Calculation, Cell Measurement, Second Class Stress Calculation, Diffraction Line Indexing, Multiple Drawing, 3D Drawing, Diffraction Data Calibration, Background Deduction, Uncalibrated Quantitative Analysis and other functions, Full Spectrum Fitting (WPF), XRD Diffraction Spectrum Simulation.
Scattering light protection
Lead protected,The scattering dose rate is not greater than 1 Sv/h
Overall stability
sample load
Equipped with a sample changer, each load up to 6 samples
Instrument dimensions

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