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TKST-803 stress analyzer
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The TKST-803 X-ray stress analyzer developed by taikun company provides the most reliable detection method for the research of materials and their products.It can accurately measure the residual stress and texture of multi-field material structure and parts with irregular shape.The instrument is characterized by high power, high resolution and accurate measurement results.

Complete data processing software, can edit the miller index, young's modulus poisson ratio calculation parameters, to achieve the residual stress, half peak width, austenite content and other accurate calculation.Professional software to complete the texture calculation, drawing polar map.

-High precision diffraction Angle measuring device to get the most accurate 2 Angle;

-Residual stress measurement by the method of same inclination and lateral inclination;
-The stress measurement in X and Y directions at the same point is automatically converted without the need to operate the sample;
-The number of measurement points of the sample can be set arbitrarily in the same plane to complete the residual stress measurement automatically.
-High resolution SDD detector can measure residual stress of various materials when the target is fixed.
-At the same time, Si drift linear array detector is configured to quickly complete residual stress measurement.
-The rotation range of is large, which can realize the stress measurement by the roll method and the polar diagram measurement.

-Built-in laser rangefinder and positioner enables automatic sample positioning with repetition accuracy less than 3 m;

-CCD camera and laser assisted positioning system make manual positioning of samples easier.

-The instrument realizes the intelligent control, completes the residual stress measurement quickly, the operation is simple;

Product Name
X-ray stress analyzer
2θ angle range
Ψ angle range

Ф angle range
α angle range
2θ resolution
tube voltage
tube current

Circular spot of incident ray
rectangular spot

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