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portable ultra low Vaccine freezer
Product details

The ultra-low temperature Portable freezer is specially designed for Vaccine transportaion。It is small in size, light in weight, and the lowest temperature can reach -86 C. It solves the industry's pain points in liquid nitrogen transportation and makes up for the shortage of liquid nitrogen transportation. The machine has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery optionsavail¬able, which can be used to transport the vaccines without any external power source。

At the same time, the RFID electronic lock in connection with the loT to ensure the safety of transported goods. The loT supports real-time track and trace of machine and operating data, remote control of the machine and export of data, enable user to achieve full control and traceability. 

1L internal volume, temperature control accuracy土1 °C, ultra-low tempera¬ture controlled mobile safe with adjustable temperature range from -86 °C to 4 °C, used to transport biological samples such as vaccines, bacterial viruses, blood, 

safety guarantee

Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine 士1 °C temperature control accuracy of the whole box to avoid temperature fluctuation, RFID digital lock protects your samples in all aspects (this function is optional);Equipped with WiFi digital IOT module or optional 4G LTE + GPS module to achieve the whole process monitoring and alarms(monthly fee is required for 4G service).

cabinet design

Integrated high pressure foam, 20mmVIP (vacuum insulation panel), double layer submersible door, double layer sealing ring, ensure ultra-low thermal leakage, the lowest temperature can reach -86°C Inside available volume is 1L, suitable for the transportation of Vaccines. All-metal integrated inside box, proprietary coating technology to ensure liner cleanness, test tube accessories, so that samples/vaccine temperature no longer fluctuates and transported safely.

intelligent temperature control

Sampling with laboratory grade PTl00 thermo-sensor,ensuring temperature accuracy; Teperature learning algorithm for intelligent temperature sampling at 200 times per second; Intelligent programming mode, program-controlled cooling(Stage mOS version 6 will open this function,which needs to cooperate with the LOTA cloud patform and subsequent OTA upgrades)

cooling system

Advanced Stirling technology , using Cryo 5 series,Cryo 5 100 tirling refrigerator as the core ooling source.Ultra-low temperature,fast cooling and no fear of bumps and shakes,maintenance free life up to 50,000 hours.

Specifications of related products

External dimensions(L*W*H)270x270x450mm 580x481x615mm 790x910x1265mm
Internal dimensions(L*W*H)150x134x54.5mm 227x292x155mm 500x580x470mm
Internal Volume1L 10L 130L
The amount of vaccine that can be stored(1.8ml 45x13.5mm)100pcs600pcs5400pcs
Operating Voltage 12-24VDC 12-30VDC 18-30V
Rated Power80W100 W
Temperature Range-86℃~4℃-80℃~30℃ -86℃~30℃
Built-in Battery≥1H(Under full power   operation) 1/2/4/10H (Option)1/2/4H(Option)
Support vehicle-mounted cigarette lighterYesYesYes
The maximum Angle that can be tilted>60°>60°>60°

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